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Build create web sites

We create web pages with fast loading page because:

  1. "Kept simple programming" is the slogan with which it integrates page programming web pages in your world
  2. We do not use Joomla, Magento, Wordpress (preconfigured kits but very sofisticated because of complicated modules)
  3. Scripts are optimized to create maximum completion page
  4. The modules used are simple and to the point forces
  5. Improvements are made with jquery and Modernizr then the page look the same regardless of the browser used

Creating a website involves:

  1. It makes variant of site like pictures or a "mini demo site" (one page maximum two) to sketch your future site
  2. We propose and achizitonate a domain name for you depending on the destination you want to give the site
  3. Carry out a study on keywords specific to the site that is created and that could bring clients on the site
  4. Determine the most appropriate technical specifications for the site that we create
  5. Determine what type of modules required to build the site (menu Administration, picture galleries or movies, loghin page, feedback, captcha, ip detect, language selection etc ....)
  6. Determine the levels of modules that can contain as the building site and then the menu will be displayed in web pages
  7. Execute the page design (html/css/xml/imagine/video)
  8. Execute the programming parts (php/mysql/jquery/modernizr/javascript)
  9. It optimizes the design and the programming of site
  10. Website optimization is achieved since the construction phase

Optionally you can provide:

  1. Ways storage and hosting the site on the Internet
  2. Introducing Google indexing the site
  3. Options to promote the site that you own
  4. Monthly Maintenance and Optimization (it does decrease the price of the site if it wants to continue the cooperation after)