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kept simple programming ...
  1. Be sure what you want to do
  2. Retains simple
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Find someone who knows
  5. Do not take what's cheap, take what you dedicated undoubtedly
Otherwise ... you will not get the desired result !

   Welcome on site!
    As in all online communities on the Internet, to access this site you must register to view, download files or post in this community.
    Do not worry this is a simple and free process that requires minimal information for enrollment.
    You nos30 community part of the login or create a user account:
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    You can also send your requests, opinions or ideas in the CONTACT page

     This site aims to develop applications that use minimal resources budget creating objects devices, gadgets ... their building practical applications based on examples taken from the internet and as reference sites listed below !

Contents of this site :
  •   Applications - (purpose applications containing complete library of sources and can be used in exploatation, not alpha or beta type only in certain cionditions and may contain update)
    • Online viewer - (miniexplorer viewer of files online like text pdf office word excel powerpoint, view movies width subtitles, scanner ip benchmark)
    • Fast login - (login script very fast working width four level administrations)
  •   Services - (using our services we want to support our customers and partners in the use of products that we offer a high degree of quality and with great promptness)
    • Build networks computers - (design, implementation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks, swich, routers, cables insertisations on rack, composite network data internet voice telephony, maintenance and guarantee and/or post execution)
    • Build create web sites - (execution websites, implementing new scripts in website design and optimization part of the site programming, site promotion options)
  •   Training - (is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one his capability, capacity, productivity and performance)
    • Display nokia 3310 - (pic microcontrollers programming source code for nokia 3310 implementations of alphabet symbolistic latin greek symbols herbrew poker math symbols graphics various computer specific signs and mini graphical loader)
  •   Contact - (contact page for contact information new projects proposals acquisition orientation)