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Online viewer

Version: "alpha-3"
official page :
mailto :
mailto :

turned a Zyxel nsa320 NAS into Debian|ARM server or ArchLinux|ARM server
inspired from Encode Explorer
made this because ZyXel nsa320 software not have full apache, mysql servers, minidlna not show subtitles on movies, can't view files on the fly only if samba, but is a very low cost NAS (official was maded only for storage files)

Prerequisite :
- Based on html5
- JavaScript enabled
- Third-Party Cookies
- PHP scripting language
- must have internet connection if you may want to use

Product intended to add :
- 2 type of explorer standard/mobile width automatic detect and load variant
- scan ip details if some atack was maded and block their ip if request
- intended to view private file wherever you are without installed software if you are forced to use some like this device
- view movies width subtitles(.mp4, .ogv, .webm) and auto ajust parameters for diferent display sizes, other formats are not used by html5 to accept subtitles
- view images file like .ico, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg , etc ...
- view pdf files like real pdf viewer,
- view office file like Word, Excel and PowerPoint from "Microsoft Office" or "Open Office" based
- view text files like subtitles or any type based text (.txt, .rtf, etc ...) ,
- benchmark internet speed,
and ..... maybe, much more

Versions :
- 15.09.2014 - "alpha" testing mode
- 3.10.2014 - "alpha-1" testing mode (improve)
- 6.12.2014 - "alpha-2" testing mode (improve)
- 8.12.2014 - "alpha-3" testing mode (improve)

   Some of Feedback !

simplu - someone - 18 January 2015 - 11:01:37
e destul de interesanta treaba, dar as vrea sa vad fisierele mele de pe nasul meu , nu stiu cum as putea sa fac asta.
admin - registered - 18 January 2015 - 11:01:49
Ca sa le vezi de pe nasul tau trebuie sa instalezi pe el APACHE server, PHP si sa pui scriptul pe server.
  Functioneaza destul de simplu, are o configurare minima in care poti introduce useri si parole, iar pentru fiecare user in parte poti spune ce foldere poate sa vada.
  La "about" in josul paginii este o descriere despre program in cazul in care doresti mai mult de la un simplu nas
  Atentie, nasul este un device cu procesor slabut si rami putini, bazele de date nu prea functioneaza corect iar numarul de useri care acceseaza acest aparat in acelasi timp poate bloca functionarea lui

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